The Bonding Code Review : The Bonding Code Review Program Pdf Guide Book Download

The Bonding Code Review : The Bonding Code Review Program Pdf Guide Book Download

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Suddenly Beth felt her chest tighten as she struggled to breathe. The Bonding Code Review

Her heart and thoughts raced as she tried to comprehend the words.

She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. For a split second she hoped it was just a bad dream…

…but the stabbing pain in her chest removed any hope of that being true.

Her worst nightmare had just begun.

She remembered finding his Plenty of Fish account on his cell phone one evening.

Then just last week she noticed there were “friends” he kept hidden on Facebook.

And that made her wonder, “What else don’t I know?”

As she glanced at the clock, the numbers flashed 11:02 and she felt a dull ache beginning in the back of her head.

It had been over an hour since he called and plunged a dagger in her heart with these words….

Sitting on the edge of her bed, her heart felt like it was going to explode.

Over the next 3 days, all she wanted was for him to return just 1 of her calls or texts, but his reply never came.

Hi I’m Bob Grant and as a licensed relationship counselor I’m hearing more women tell me this story, just like Beth. They sit in my office and tell me about the man they loved, who told them how deeply he cared for them and then days, weeks or even years later, suddenly he falls out of love.

The discouraging part is I’m hearing this happen over and over again and it’s only getting worse. As a family man, I’m seeing that men seem to be less interested in staying committed to a woman.

Because what I’ve noticed is that unlike the 1950’s, men and women have lots more options.

Dating apps like DOWN, give men access to thousands
of women, just with the touch of a button.

Websites like Adult Friend Finder actually target committed, even MARRIED men, all with this promise: You can betray the woman who loves you – and she’ll NEVER find out.

And every day there’s more of these like…

and perhaps the biggest threat to a committed relationship is…

And with all these options,

“I’ve noticed a trend that so many men
aren’t allowing their relationships to
naturally develop and so many women end
up heartbroken as a result.”

For the last 15 years I’ve worked with over 1100 couples and singles and I’ve discovered there are 5 distinct stages that create a deep intimate bond within a man.

But before I discuss that, let’s talk more about this epidemic I’m seeing.

So many women open their hearts to a man because he tells them he loves them and promises his devotion.

And yet these same women often miss this key warning sign.

For no apparent reason, the passion in the relationship starts to fade away. . It’s as though the very life of the relationship is slowly bleeding to death.

He stops texting as often.

He doesn’t want to talk on the phone as long as he once did.

And he begins to hide things from her.

So many women believe they will be safe when the find the Right Man.

But They Don’t Realize the Power of These Vast Corporations that are Constantly Targeting Their Wonderful Man.

Ashley Madison spends millions of dollars making having an affair seem as innocent and exciting as getting a date to the prom.

Then there’s the app Mixxxer which enables you to download, find and meet someone for a quick “hook up” in less than 30 minutes.

I’ve heard of so many relationships ending because a man got bored, and ended up looking up some of his past girlfriends.

A few chats, then some texts and before long he was chasing a dream from the past.

The term “Friends with Benefits” has become so acceptable that they even made it into a popular movie.

There are so many companies that are working to lure men away from staying committed, all in the name of making money, regardless of how many relationships they ruin.

Before I continue, I want to say, if you’re fine with the friends with benefits approach, then this site isn’t for you.

Because I’ve seen how horribly that ends.

And after I listened to Beth’s story, I realized she was like so many women who never realized they are at risk.

At risk of being left.

Of having their families broken apart.

Of having the man they love, in a moment of weakness, fall victim to the constant onslaught from the hook up industry.

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The Bonding Code Review : The Bonding Code Review Program Pdf Guide Book Download

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